Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Ride from airport to UBS itself made me realize that it is going to be very adventurous journey of my life. After reaching here and completing the enrolment process we move towards hostel, which is surrounded by greenery with all the facilities inside including Wi-Fi, Air-conditioner , furniture , no doubt it is 5 star hostel. Next morning, the view from the window motivated me and this is the initial stage of induction week, we get an opportunity to meet more than 25 CEO's , no other B-school can give you the opportunity in the first week itself. With the amazing freshers' party induction week ends.
There are so many facilities for students like 24*7 library, study room, AC rooms, laundry facilities, 24*7 Wi-Fi facility, room-cleaning, kitchenette and the most important friendly environment. Faculties are like family, who are there for you to guide like a father and caress you like a mother. Everything is available in the campus, even there is a trading room for students where they get the knowledge regarding share market, it is very updated and students get the news of each second.
There are so many clubs by which student can enhance there knowledge, learn something new, get updated regarding the changes of the society, get various qualities which help them in corporate world. UBS gives practical exposure through ELC, a private limited company which is run by the students of UBS. In the world it is the only private limited company which is run by students only.
Joining UBS is one of the best decision of my life. It is the place where CEO's are made. It will transform your life and yes mine has started and i can see it every second!!!

Charul pariwal
EX co learn
Content management
The way work gets better clear!!!

Compulsion and Deadline can inspire us to work, now i have learnt . On Universal Business School we are here to learn and our main motto is "WE WORK HARD,AND PARTY HARDER".
IT's nice to be able to put yourself in an environment where you can completely accept all the unconscious stuff that comes to your inner working of your mind.
I hope there is more lot to come and is on my way, where i will be learning and having fun at the same time.

Gunjan Wadhawan 
EX co learn pvt ltd
Content management

Sunday, 20 August 2017

UBS- a place where you give wings to your dream...
The very first day I stepped into this college I gradually realised that this is just not a place for acquiring knowledge or pursue any sort of degree but along with it, opens the door of opportunities  and creates a platform where we can transform our persona into different new ways. Nature where  it's being located is actually exciting and well accustomed with amazing sports adventures as well trekking and club events are the main core speciality  of UBS college. To be very precise  it's a place where you share, have lots of fun, learn and many things to be get explored with...!!

Ankita singh
EX co learn pvt ltd
Content management

Saturday, 19 August 2017

                                     MBA - In the laps of nature-A week @ UBS
The day is Monday and I am sitting in this guest lecture trying to understand what is going in the class. But wait, how did I get here? Oh! I guess the tape skipped a few days. While the tape rewinds, you can see everything in reverse.
It's 13th-July and I am waiting for my turn with documents in hand but the place is heavenly. The journey started from Jaipur in anticipation of a campus that everyone of us had dreamt about in the last few months now. The campus which would change our lives and shape our future in the coming years. Finally you see the campus literally lying in the laps of nature. Its true beauty. Wherever you look, you’ll end up being mesmerised by the scenic elegance of this place. There are numerous waterfalls pouring all their love in the laps of low-high mountains covered by trees. There is greenery in everything. You could see clear clouds with twinkling stars as if trying to cheer you up. The chirpy birds keep on singing all day, humming their own tunes. All of this and a lot more synergising to create a breath-taking view that soothes your soul!
But when they say MBA, don't be fooled so easily. Its a whole bunch of a lot more things which are far from the normalcy of this planet. The incessant non-stop mails, new WhatsApp additions, competitions, activities, committee selections, and many other compulsory student development procedures further traumatise the head euphoria throughout the week.
UBS gives the feeling of a hillock which never sleeps. You feel like you need 28 hours in a day out here. Surprised? Shocked? Whatever way you take it to be, it’s a Case Study you are handed over where the never ending preparations finally end at 3 A.M. and at 8 in the morning you are good to go for the Global C.E.O. Week Series and then presenting it from another 6 P.M. to 1 A.M.
UBS believes in working hard and partying harder. Inspite of the 1 A.M. seesion, the Pandora’s box has in store a lot more surprises. One of which we recently lived was a trek to the beautiful waterfalls of Karjat which was accompanied by our co-founder Mr. Tarun Anand. It started from crossing a small lake, to muddy hill and rains all around. After the trouble of kechaad and baarish, seeking help from chorras, the view was a reward to watch.
There's no time to stand and stare. A week @ UBS embarks a feeling of confidence that if you survived this you can survive an MBA too.
And then suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginings.

Pushti Goyal

Monday, 31 July 2017

A Fallacious Navigation

"If a ship is replaced part by part up to a point where not a single original part remains in it, is it still the same ship?"

In a place which is surrounded by hills and valleys, the ephemeral beauty of the universe lies at Universal Business School. The tranquil beauty of the stream passing by, the to-and-fro movement of trees and the winds swirling past above my head is enough for me to get tripped and tipsy. 

I was lurking on the periphery of apocalyptic collapse and suddenly out of nowhere, my eyes glanced past through this extraordinary infrastructure cemented in the lapse of nature. I was literally awe-struck! My initial days were encapsulated with a shack of nervousness and delight, and it escalated so quickly. It's all a matter of human adaptability and connection. 

I had self-proclaimed myself as a narcissistic ambivert with an unstoppable fuel to achieve my ambition, but it all ended with the good omens replenishing the provocative side of human darkness. 

Angst of walking in a lonely road, full of obstacles and oblivion, I realized it was the perfect place to portray my caliber as an individual. I strolled reluctantly with a shiver down on my shoulders, smudged unknowingly and sat on an empty chair where nobody could see me. Suddenly I realized there would come a time when I'd be dominated because of this shyness and even at this very stage, I am improving my stature in every respective field. My days are sometimes clouded, shadowed with a doubt of insecurity, inconsistency but sometimes we just try to find good deeds from horrendous situations in life. 

"Balling and Boozing" in Freshers, "Early Bird Catches The Worm" in Pentathlon and "Mind-numbness" in Induction Ceremony, all those moments paved a big contribution in shaping my life here at UBS and maybe would contribute a lot when I step outside to see the corporate world. 
Days are long but the Nights are even longer, thus cementing a transcendental asset to this place. There's no bigger fun than in walking and killing time, and nor does people get compassionate about it. An alluring odyssey into the heart of learning, this place has a galore of resources which is to be exquisitely used with a limited amount for other's benefit as well. The Experiential Learning is amalgamated with certain management departments, be it Marketing or Finance and all has its separate beneficial aspects. The place focuses more on Practical Learning and renders arduous uphill challenges with a sacrosanct balance and elevates the potential out from any person. Works on the principle of "Touch-Turns-Gold", it throws light on many more activities and ultimately results in active participation from people as well. 
The calendar went on rolling by and then the Trek came. One of the most serenely astounding experiences I have ever dealt with, its when you realize the energizing skill you encompass in yourself with petty nuances of self-exploration and swashbuckling. It went amazing and I am grateful of such adventurous arcades which we face here. Getting toe-to-toe with nature is not a child's play, so you have to be careful of every situation approaching towards yourself.

In a nutshell, I am still doing my job as a keen observant and an intern. It is igniting the spirit out from my lantern, guiding my warrior of light and conspiring myself to achieve my desired destination.

-Carpe Diem

BABM6(Class Representative)
Content Manager
Experiential Learning Corporation(Member)

Friday, 19 May 2017


I feel privileged to be a part of UBS family. The ambience of UBS campus gives you the opportunity to study in the lap of nature where you can nurture your mind and soul and try achieving the inner peace which leads to satisfaction. From the day I entered UBS I got to know the value of time ... The last 45 days were like rollercoaster ride full of thrills, bumps and joy. The best thing about lectures is you never get bored because you are always involved with a lecturer... The course or module is full of research based study which gives me domain knowledge in practical terms. I am confident that my journey in UBS will be fruitful and will give a beautiful impact on my professional endeavour.

Hanumanth Pandey
Cardiff MBA-9 Batch
Movie nights Dept(Current Employee)

"I consider myself to be lucky that i have met Tarun Anand sir at QS MBA tour @ Bangalore. His words made a strong impact on me and his emphasis on “Experiential learning” made me dig deep about UBS.I had a personal interaction with him about the Thompson Reuters trading room concept which is very close too my heart. That is when i decided on making the steps clear to see the practicality of My dreams and escalate in the career path( Taking Cardiff programme).

(45 days of UBS)
The concept of green business school echoes in my mind after watching this bounty of flora and fauna. No pollution, No traffic( which were a must to feel in Bangalore). The pedagogy is beautifully crafted to match the concept of “Experiential learning”, I thoroughly enjoy all the lectures and never get tired of being taught(Stay hungry, Stay foolish). In a nutshell this place transforms lives on a daily basis( IT IS HAPPENING WITH ME). "

                                                             “One last thing (HOPE IS A WALKING DREAM)”

Pradhyumna Reddy
(Worked as Deputy manager T&F operations- Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd)
Cardiff MBA-9 Batch