Wednesday, 15 May 2019

UBS - Way Ahead in Business Management Game

UBS program is geared towards industry and practical learning which makes the course curriculum so rich and innovative that the students get ready for the corporate world in the process of completing their education. I can tell that UBS has understood that business world is growing at a sky rocket pace, for that reason, the college has provided with the best tools for students to make the things much easier after graduation. The faculty of UBS are extremely experienced and industry oriented, available most of time to coach and monitor the students and provide the best. Most of the faculties have been in the industry and have understood the fact to its depth that education is not only about theory, it is more about practicing.

In Universal Business School, placements play a vital role where students get employ-ability score within the duration of course and determine the capability before appearing for the process.

At UBS, there are these unique mentor mentee sessions and various clubs like CSR (corporate social responsibility etc) which help in overall development of the students.

Amazing environment, impressive infrastructure fulfilled with top-notch faculty make life fantabulous here. A brilliant platform for showcasing one's talent and it perfectly grooms people in the corporate world. It's infrastructure is state-of-the-art and students get the corporate exposure in the college,all thanks to the ELC company that is run by college students. World's 1st company that is run by the students. The hostel facility is so good; well furnished rooms with a.c. The fees is high but quality of education which they provide is worth it.

Bijay Kumar Pandey
Head QA/QC
TMK Gulf International Pipe Industry L.L.C.
F/o Shruti Pandey (BABM7 Student)

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Unique aspects of UBS

Universal Business School, a place which has truly transformed my life. I have learnt many skills and the most important one is how to keep calm and handle difficult situations as well as people whom you don’t  like.

Arsh Raina
The differentiating factor of UBS is that students are provided with ample number of opportunities which focus on building one's brand value. These opportunities include consulting projects which help students to gain in depth knowledge and understand the culture of an organization, CSR activity which helps a student to stay grounded and identify opportunities/requirements of society.

At UBS, students also get an opportunity to collaborate with experienced faculties, 
write research papers and publish it. Such opportunities help UBS students to differentiate themselves from the MBAs.

There are many clubs at UBS which conduct events on a regular basis and active participation of students make it a big success. These events are organized by club members under the guidance of the mentors. It helps to learn managerial skills, leadership skills.

                                                                                                                    Arsh Raina
                                                                                                                   (Indoor sports club)

Monday, 22 April 2019

It was all worth it!

Akash Tyagi

It has been 7 months that we have joined UBS. And It has been worth taking admission in UBS for my MBA because after coming here, I am a changed person, professional and human being. I have improved my presentation skills, my Communication and English-speaking skills also. 

UBS provides its students a platform where one can not only develop knowledge but also polish overall personality. I personally have developed myself to a level that I am the marketing head of Arts and Culture club. This all was possible through the guidance, dedication and help of the esteemed faculty at UBS. I will ever be indebted to all of them. Our club is something which performs activity related to the different culture of India by which we are giving a platform to all other communities to come up and show case their talent.

It has been a life changing experience for me as this is my first experience towards independent life and i must say it was all worth it!

Aakash Tyagi
Chief Marketing Officer
(Arts and Culture Club)

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

It's a dream blended into reality for me to have been associated with a family like UBS. I could not ask for more from Him when all you have been bestowed with is just unconditional love from the faculty and friends. The two sublime years of my life just passed by in the blink of an eye! It just seems like yesterday when UBS welcomed me with wide open arms offering me umpteen opportunities to escalate high in life. It has been a paradigm shift when I look at myself in the mirror today. There is no denying the fact the amount of immersive learning i've had in this wondrous atmosphere. UBS to me is a place of light, liberty and immense learning. 
The clubs at UBS are no less than a nourishing mother that feeds its baby to quench its thirst for more. My perseverance, passion and commitment to work for my Alma Mater has quadrupled under the august leadership of Tarun Sir. Being a fountainhead of ideas, he has always instilled in me an urge to forge ahead with a zeal to outshine in all my endeavours. 
Shilpi Mondal 
I would take the opportunity to laud my General Well-Being Club for their religious efforts towards improving the quality of food and hygiene on campus. Many thanks to my team for entrusting me with the designation of the President which further kept me on my toes. 
The faculty at UBS is a blend of international and national repute right from MNCs like GE, Johnson and Johnson, Thomson Reuters, to name a few. Some of them have had a prior educational stint at SP Jain, SIBM-P, IIM-C, IIM-A and JBIMS. What differentiates UBS from other colleges is its industry oriented curriculum taught by industry experts for the industrial success. This year with the introduction of subjects like Green Marketing, Green Finance, WTS and MOS, we are raising our bar a level up. Kudos to the exceptional faculty at UBS!!
If I were to sum up my experience with my "second home", i feel i've come out more matured, confident and responsible as a person. All thanks to the many mentor-mentee sessions, faculty guidance, various club activities and symposiums which gives students an opportunity to perform well--and emerge triumphant in the cut-throat competition of the 21st Century.
Moral: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I'm glad that I did dare to dream!! A reality now that i pass out from UBS with the memorabilia of a lifetime. 

Thank you UBS!!
Shilpi Mondal(PGDM4)
The General Well-Being Club

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

You do what you learn and learn what you do!

Universal Business School has provided with ample opportunities to the students to learn by getting a hands-on experience. The differentiating factor of UBS is that the students have an opportunity to do a consulting project which is quite unheard of in any b-school.

Kalapi Dutta
At the campus students even work on sustainability projects like organic farming, rainwater harvesting, solar projects. Students also stand a chance to write a research paper co-authored by a faculty. All these helps a student at UBS to differentiate themselves from the crowd of MBAs.

There are many clubs at UBS which regularly conducts events and there is active participation by the students. As the Vice President of Indoor Sports Club, I can proudly say that conducting events of the club has helped me develop my managerial skills which will later help in the corporate world. These clubs are a great platform through which we learn to be a team player and develop leadership skills.

Living in a residential campus when you become your own responsibility, you learn to survive and prepare yourself for what is waiting there outside those campus doors.

-        Kalapi Dutta
Vice President
Indoor Sports Club

Friday, 5 April 2019

Worst Advice Ever Given to Business School Applicants!

IF YOU'RE READING THIS, chances are that you've at least considered applying to Business School and have probably realized that the process is a little more complex than you had originally thought. Naturally, many people will seek advice from a counsellor, friend, family member or any other source they come across. 
While getting some help is generally a good idea, the Business school admission process is far from simple and is ever evolving. Someone who hasn't been in the field for a while, like your Dad/Uncle/Mom who graduated from Business school 25 years ago, or isn't making an effort to stay up to date with all of the developments, such as a school adviser whose job description isn't specifically focused on Business schools, might provide you with some bad advice.
Here is some of the inaccurate – if not downright awful – advice that applicants say they've received.

There's no risk in retaking the CAT/GMAT/XAT. 
You know how even a broken clock is right twice a day? Well, that's the case here. While it is true that some schools will even take only the highest or most recent score, the vast majority of schools will use a vague, noncommittal guideline like, "We use a holistic approach when considering applications along with test scores."
Most of the B-Schools including IIM’s are shortlisting candidates based on 360-degree profile analysis along with CAT score. There are fair chances that 98 percentile candidate will miss the call and 91 percentile get the call from IIM’s.
The implications of taking wrong advice here cannot be understated. The decision to retake the CAT/GMAT etc. involves a lot of factors, from practice test scores to timing and price, opportunity cost and basing those on a wrong assumption could lead to disastrous consequences, hurting your chances instead of helping them.

Schools barely read the personal statement/Achievements/Extra-curricular Activities  it's all about the scores. 
Let's not sugar coat it: Grades matters a lot. If your grades fall well outside a school's typical range, admissions officials may not even consider your application. 
However, it's dead wrong to assume that because you have a 9.0 GPA and a 95 pertentile-plus CAT score, you're guaranteed a spot somewhere.
Business schools today looking for diversity in class ranging from geographic/Demographic/Experience/Sports/Culture etc. Admissions officials will read your personal statement, and more importantly, will read between the lines to spot attributes like laziness or lack of motivation. Your grades may get you through the door, but your profile and personal statement is what will seal the deal.
An applicant who has great scores, all well within the range for the target business schools, could still find it difficult to get in. Bad personal statements – full of half sentences, making no connection between paragraphs, conveying nothing about why you want to go to business school – can keep you out no matter how strong your scores are.

You don't need to prepare for Business school interviews. 
Don't mistake the laid-back vibe, because the main purpose of Interview is still to decide whether you're the type of student the school wants to join its student body. In today Era, its more of Student recruitment process rather than selection process. While recruitment is 2-way process selection is more of 1-way process.
If you show up unprepared – have no questions about the schools, unable to answer simple questions like "why this school" or clearly have no idea of some of the school's strengths or programs – it will become evident, and quickly. And while it's rare for a fringe candidate to break through thanks to the interview, many applicants have been denied admission because of interview mistakes. 
Treat the Business school interview just like an interview for the job of your dreams.

There's only one path into Business school. 
People subscribe to the idea of there being a certain type of Business Management student. This person is often a Commerce or Science major background. But the last thing business schools want is a cookie-cutter student body. 
There have been instances in which business schools take Liberal arts students, Design graduates, Hotel Management, Sports Champions, members of rock bands and generally people who have done nothing to prepare for their business school application in the traditional sense because they didn't decide to apply until their senior year. 
Take any sweeping statements about applying to business school with a grain of salt. People telling you, you'll never get in likely don't know much about the process. Do some research so you can synthesize facts from different sources and decide for yourself what is more likely to be true. 

“Leaning on others is fine, but trusting them blindly could come back to haunt you”.

                                                                                               Rahul Dahiya
                                                                                               Director - Corporate Affairs & Strategy
                                                                                               Universal Business School

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Overwhelming Journey at UBS

Universal Business School Campus - Karjat
The lush green business school has been the best decision of my life. From the start, till date it has been nothing but spectacular. Every lecture to every memory, made my life better than before. The knowledge shared, the memories made are the reasons I keep rooting for my college, UBS. The induction curriculum that took place in the first week is hectic for sure but it is the main game changer for me. Taught me lessons for life. There was no turning back after that. All the classes, the guest lectures, the events conducted by different clubs keeps us tied to the ground and busy every day and night. The one on one sessions with the mentors helped me to have a constant check on myself. I have been appointed as the president of the club I work for i.e. Arts and culture club. This is a privilege and another turning point of my life. Students here are from different parts of India with different cultures and traditions. This scenario here gave me a look into a wider world and gave me the best people as friends. After UBS , I know for sure that I will be able to face the competitive world out there with ease.

Monica Aithabathula
President ( Arts and Culture Club )