Wednesday, 26 April 2017


The journey into the lap of the mother filled with care "My connotation"-Universal Business School, started on 31st 'July' 2016 as a PGDM student. Four months have passed and, this place has taught me a lot, it has been an enthralling experience filled with glee. Before coming to this place I lacked confidence but this college instilled self belief of confidence in "ME".This college played a pivotal role in exemplifying my personality  and developing my skills. The learning from the professors and their concern towards ME, made me understand the real meaning of HOME away from HOME.

UBS, a place which shall allow you to "Raise like a pegasus to enhance the endless endurance of your capabilities" which I don't think any other college across the globe does. Thankful to ELC  for acting as a medium and obeisance to Tarun sir for his encouragement. Yes it is happening the "Blend of Management skills and Photography". VIVE LA UBS-ELC

Barkha Shah
VP content management 
ExColearn pvt. ltd.

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