Tuesday, 18 October 2016

My experience in ELC

ELC was formed with a vision to create a unique learning organization led by students to develop their business acumen and get real life business experience whilst on campus…developing leadership, organizational, managerial and business skills towards generating innovative ideas for growth and the building brand-UBS.

Being Dy. CFO of the company, it has enhanced my skills and provided me real life business experience. It made me realize the importance of time in life. It has completely transformed my personality from an amateur graduate to a corporate confidante. ELC has given me the chance to experience such a big corporate post at such a young age. It has motivated me to work harder in life to reach that level where I can call myself a CFO of a company, that everybody looks up to, after successfully completing my term in ELC. It has provided me the lifetime experience of interviewing Mr. Ridhim Desai, MD of Morgan Stanley, which would have never been possible without the support of ELC. From transforming ELC to a private limited company , to handling of accounts and cash flows, everything has been a good learning experience. I look forward to greater opportunities through this journey.
-by Sakshi Natani

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