Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Life in a business school

After giving brain storming mid-term exams, I feel like winning a battle. It has been almost three months at UBS. Sitting in the balcony of my room my mind is running down the lane of my memories when I first came here.Three months back on this very same date I came at UBS, spell-bound by the scenic beauty of Karjat. At the backdrop of lush green hills and waterfalls is my college. Away from home, the lap of nature here, gave me a warm welcome.

Then, slowly as the days passed I came to know a lot of people from varied cultures. Classes started with a lot of CEOs coming and sharing their valuable insight of the corporate world. It was great to talk to so many people with work experience and learn from them. We all are a family here. Faculty here is very supporting and knowledgeable. Each student has been assigned a mentor for any kind of guidance, either related to career or to personal life. I am enjoying the learning through an innovative curriculum here with a lot of stress on digital media and personal branding.

It not only teaches us how to get into corporate world but also how to give back to the world. we do have cleanliness drives and various other CSR activities in collage so that with learning that how to make money we could also learn how to be responsible citizens. So on a whole it has been a great learning experience so far combined with fun and joy. The breathtaking nature’s beauty around just add to the experience of learning.

And now as the papers are over I look forward to have a great weekend which are generally fun at UBS.
-by Tarun Bhatt

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