Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Journey from jalandhar to ubs

Journey from jalandhar to ubs

I grew up in Jalandhar city, also known as the sports capital of India, and moved to Gurgaon after spending 12 years of my life in Punjab. This sudden change was difficult for me to digest and it took some time for me to get used to Gurgaon. You always meet people with different mindsets but
knowing that your mindset is a decade behind the mindset of the society you are living in, it is a task to keep up. My schooling was done from Pathways World School, one of the finest in India, and it did help me to bridge the gap between the two mindsets. After schooling, I had to make a choice for my higher education and I wanted the best. Searching for colleges, I came across Universal Business School (UBS). This college fulfilled all my specifications such as international program, business orientation and to be located near a mega city.

My real journey started when I entered UBS. Studying in the beautiful Karjat valley, where you are living in the lap of nature, gave me ample amount of time to get to know myself more…And I did.
Surrounded by corporates in this institution, who come from different industries with a lot of experience,
I got the opportunity to groom myself in order to become the business leader I always dreamt of. The beautiful locality helped in encouraging me to get involved in meditation and the art of healing and today, I have completed the advanced level of Pranic Healing. 4 months ago, it was just a thought and now its a reality. Travelling in the local trains made me independent, staying with students from all over India made me culturally diversified, working in ELC ( A student led enterprise under UBS) made me developed my business acumen. From cleaning my own dishes to handling real life business situations, it has been a wonderful experience. My greatest achievement was when my mother said,”I sent them a boy and got back a man”.
When I was in Gurgaon, the surroundings made me who I was a year ago and when I moved to UBS, it was ME who worked towards all the changes that occurred in me in order to become a better man.

Vaneet Chaudhary

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