Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The first green business school in Mumbai. When I heard this name for first time the thing that came to my mind is that how a place in Mumbai can be so luscious and scenically green as it is the most populated city in India. Then I researched on this place and came to know that it lies in outskirts of Mumbai. A beautiful town surrounded by hills.

It’s always good to be surrounded by hills and a peaceful place to study that Universal Business School provides.
UBS becomes God’s own town in Monsoon. In monsoon it looks like UBS is heaven on Earth. It’s very beautiful and dream come true to view the scene with lots of waterfall and greenery around us.
Our professors are our mentors, who teach and guide us to enhance our management and professional skills and to learn leadership qualities. It is a residential campus we live here 24*7 as a family. Everyone helps each other whenever they are in need. It can be said that “UBS is home away from home”.

We have our own student corporation company named as ELC (Experiential Learning Limited) an initiative by BABM Students. Here we work as we would work in corporate with same designations and departments.
It’s fun to work in ELC as we work in a different manner. The hiring and firing process is different. It’s not same traditional methods followed in corporate for hiring and even also for firing. Every department have their team leader to lead their team. It helps us to learn the responsibilities and tactics of a team leader and how one can manage and motivate their team to work. We all do our work and studies with full enthusiasm and our faculty guides us for the same.
This is how’s our UBS life works. Under pressure also we find enjoyment.
One becomes emotionally attached to UBS he one steps in.

-by Sakshi Bansal

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