Friday, 9 September 2016

Experiential Learning Corporation
(student led- Enterprise)

The very most common and yet unfulfilled dream of every management student. The dream is always to become most successful entrepreneur, to become the top business tycoon .every management student enters the college with this dream but the ones who actually work for the dream achieve the dream.

Here I am not talking about any training or seminars, but I am talking about the incredible initiative taken by “Universal Business School”. The school is going to put a brick of its own private limited company “EXPERIENTAL LEARNING CORPORATION”.As UBS says they have 80% practical learning this is one of them . Leaders will be no other than its own students.
The agenda of this idea is to provide an actual experience of corporate world. The students will apply all the study theories in the practical way under the same roof. They will be getting their promotions, achievements etc. they are working in the actual departments and earning a great revenue. The company has its own proper hierarchy of working. All the students went through all the corporate process when they hire their employees. The students who had applied to be a part of it were being interviewed by the main founders of the company, got shortlisted and then they were hired. The company has its own rules charter. So, the company totally works on ethics.

The company had its official bidding for the directorship of the company where only students were invited to bid. The quote of UBS – Where CEOs are made just got proved, UBS have actual directors, CEOs ,VPs working and learning both together. The enthusiasm of students is at such an extent that students have started working in the company before it get register. At the end I would like to say if you want to learn and earn, UBS is providing all opportunities to fulfill your dreams.

-by Kavisha Shah
 ExCoLearn Pvt Ltd 

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