Friday, 7 October 2016



 On 13th August 2014, I took admission in India’s first Green Business School UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL. Here I came to know the value of many things in the corporate life and also the realities of life. In UBS I am able to learn a lot of things… I improved my communication skills, how to present myself during any seminar, presenting presentations etc. And the most special thing that I am learning here, is adopting the corporate life and work style. There is a private Limited Corporation through UBS that is run by students of the college. It has been founded by Mr. Tarun Anand. Its name is Experimental Learning Corporation and I am also a part of Experimental Learning Corporation (ELC), where I started off with the position of Vice PRESIDENT in the department of Campus tours, and now the proud CFO of the company. With the help of UBS and ELC I am able to interact with many CEOs and am able to shake hands with them. I get opportunities to know about all the guest CEO’s & MD’s personally, during the campus tour.  In UBS, almost every week we have a  guest lecture addressed by the CEOs & MDs of great big companies where they share their experiences and at the same time, also give us the knowledge that helps us on various aspects .

 As a BBA student of 2nd year I am able to explore myself while becoming more responsible. We have practical learning here as well as we make teams of various departments and divide the works accordingly. It helps us to get experience in team work, improved leadership skills and decision making skills.  In UBS we also get 5-star facilities. We get very good opportunities to groom ourselves and enhance our talents. We have monthly parties too, called OCTAVE NIGHTS. It is organised by the ELC Event Management team every month, where students show their talents and in the end celebrate with a rocking after-party according to different themes.
So, study hard and party harder & enjoy every moment of college life…
                                                        ! DON’T MISS IT !  

                                                                                -by SAURAV NARAYAN SINGH

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