Wednesday, 12 October 2016



The world has changed so much in the past decade with digitization and smarter generations that the world has truly transformed into a high-tech global village. Connecting with people has become so convenient than it was possible a few years ago, we now have the same reach as any person on the Wall Street has.

As kids, we learned from our mistakes and were always taught to study so that you can earn a living for our family, study hard or else you won’t get a good college without which you won’t get a good job which will lead your entire life to be in misery.

Remember this what our parents used to say...
“You are not understanding my point right now but when you will it will be too late and you will repent not listening to me”

Most of us have been raised in such a “play it safe environment” that we don't accept change, we don't take risks
We don't try to achieve the next level! 

Here's the problem...
By playing it safe you get stuck to a routine the boring monotonous routine of waking up going for your 9-5 job , wait for the 7th of every month get your salary spend and by the end of the month cry with bills pending and blaming your life, blaming your boss blaming your circumstances. Instead of you controlling your life your circumstances control your life.

Jordan Belfort once said "We are not Creatures of circumstances we creators of circumstances" Remember this!!!.

What's wrong with playing safe???

I believe life is too short to spend most of your time planning and plotting each move we take. Personally speaking, I believe to go all-out attack as a warrior what will happen you will fail? Each failure is a stepping stone towards success. Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

But if you don't try and sit on your couch pretending it’s insane to get out there and try,
what will happen is that you will spend your life thinking of the What if’s ?

These what if's hold us back they are the barriers towards successes

To conclude I would like each and every one of you to go out there and take action instead of dwelling on what if's...
Remember to succeed work hard towards achieving your dreams there is no replacement for hard work but you will succeed only if you give it all you have with no shame of failing.
With no hesitation whenever an opportunity knocks your door grab it and work hard until you achieve what you want and what you deserve…

-by Ankush Goel

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