Friday, 19 May 2017

"I consider myself to be lucky that i have met Tarun Anand sir at QS MBA tour @ Bangalore. His words made a strong impact on me and his emphasis on “Experiential learning” made me dig deep about UBS.I had a personal interaction with him about the Thompson Reuters trading room concept which is very close too my heart. That is when i decided on making the steps clear to see the practicality of My dreams and escalate in the career path( Taking Cardiff programme).

(45 days of UBS)
The concept of green business school echoes in my mind after watching this bounty of flora and fauna. No pollution, No traffic( which were a must to feel in Bangalore). The pedagogy is beautifully crafted to match the concept of “Experiential learning”, I thoroughly enjoy all the lectures and never get tired of being taught(Stay hungry, Stay foolish). In a nutshell this place transforms lives on a daily basis( IT IS HAPPENING WITH ME). "

                                                             “One last thing (HOPE IS A WALKING DREAM)”

Pradhyumna Reddy
(Worked as Deputy manager T&F operations- Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd)
Cardiff MBA-9 Batch

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