Saturday, 19 August 2017

                                     MBA - In the laps of nature-A week @ UBS
The day is Monday and I am sitting in this guest lecture trying to understand what is going in the class. But wait, how did I get here? Oh! I guess the tape skipped a few days. While the tape rewinds, you can see everything in reverse.
It's 13th-July and I am waiting for my turn with documents in hand but the place is heavenly. The journey started from Jaipur in anticipation of a campus that everyone of us had dreamt about in the last few months now. The campus which would change our lives and shape our future in the coming years. Finally you see the campus literally lying in the laps of nature. Its true beauty. Wherever you look, you’ll end up being mesmerised by the scenic elegance of this place. There are numerous waterfalls pouring all their love in the laps of low-high mountains covered by trees. There is greenery in everything. You could see clear clouds with twinkling stars as if trying to cheer you up. The chirpy birds keep on singing all day, humming their own tunes. All of this and a lot more synergising to create a breath-taking view that soothes your soul!
But when they say MBA, don't be fooled so easily. Its a whole bunch of a lot more things which are far from the normalcy of this planet. The incessant non-stop mails, new WhatsApp additions, competitions, activities, committee selections, and many other compulsory student development procedures further traumatise the head euphoria throughout the week.
UBS gives the feeling of a hillock which never sleeps. You feel like you need 28 hours in a day out here. Surprised? Shocked? Whatever way you take it to be, it’s a Case Study you are handed over where the never ending preparations finally end at 3 A.M. and at 8 in the morning you are good to go for the Global C.E.O. Week Series and then presenting it from another 6 P.M. to 1 A.M.
UBS believes in working hard and partying harder. Inspite of the 1 A.M. seesion, the Pandora’s box has in store a lot more surprises. One of which we recently lived was a trek to the beautiful waterfalls of Karjat which was accompanied by our co-founder Mr. Tarun Anand. It started from crossing a small lake, to muddy hill and rains all around. After the trouble of kechaad and baarish, seeking help from chorras, the view was a reward to watch.
There's no time to stand and stare. A week @ UBS embarks a feeling of confidence that if you survived this you can survive an MBA too.
And then suddenly you just know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginings.

Pushti Goyal


  1. Your blog is motivating.It shows the true hardwork which a mba student has to undergo.I am obliged to know that your university is training you as a leader not an employee.

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