Monday, 31 July 2017

A Fallacious Navigation

"If a ship is replaced part by part up to a point where not a single original part remains in it, is it still the same ship?"

In a place which is surrounded by hills and valleys, the ephemeral beauty of the universe lies at Universal Business School. The tranquil beauty of the stream passing by, the to-and-fro movement of trees and the winds swirling past above my head is enough for me to get tripped and tipsy. 

I was lurking on the periphery of apocalyptic collapse and suddenly out of nowhere, my eyes glanced past through this extraordinary infrastructure cemented in the lapse of nature. I was literally awe-struck! My initial days were encapsulated with a shack of nervousness and delight, and it escalated so quickly. It's all a matter of human adaptability and connection. 

I had self-proclaimed myself as a narcissistic ambivert with an unstoppable fuel to achieve my ambition, but it all ended with the good omens replenishing the provocative side of human darkness. 

Angst of walking in a lonely road, full of obstacles and oblivion, I realized it was the perfect place to portray my caliber as an individual. I strolled reluctantly with a shiver down on my shoulders, smudged unknowingly and sat on an empty chair where nobody could see me. Suddenly I realized there would come a time when I'd be dominated because of this shyness and even at this very stage, I am improving my stature in every respective field. My days are sometimes clouded, shadowed with a doubt of insecurity, inconsistency but sometimes we just try to find good deeds from horrendous situations in life. 

"Balling and Boozing" in Freshers, "Early Bird Catches The Worm" in Pentathlon and "Mind-numbness" in Induction Ceremony, all those moments paved a big contribution in shaping my life here at UBS and maybe would contribute a lot when I step outside to see the corporate world. 
Days are long but the Nights are even longer, thus cementing a transcendental asset to this place. There's no bigger fun than in walking and killing time, and nor does people get compassionate about it. An alluring odyssey into the heart of learning, this place has a galore of resources which is to be exquisitely used with a limited amount for other's benefit as well. The Experiential Learning is amalgamated with certain management departments, be it Marketing or Finance and all has its separate beneficial aspects. The place focuses more on Practical Learning and renders arduous uphill challenges with a sacrosanct balance and elevates the potential out from any person. Works on the principle of "Touch-Turns-Gold", it throws light on many more activities and ultimately results in active participation from people as well. 
The calendar went on rolling by and then the Trek came. One of the most serenely astounding experiences I have ever dealt with, its when you realize the energizing skill you encompass in yourself with petty nuances of self-exploration and swashbuckling. It went amazing and I am grateful of such adventurous arcades which we face here. Getting toe-to-toe with nature is not a child's play, so you have to be careful of every situation approaching towards yourself.

In a nutshell, I am still doing my job as a keen observant and an intern. It is igniting the spirit out from my lantern, guiding my warrior of light and conspiring myself to achieve my desired destination.

-Carpe Diem

BABM6(Class Representative)
Content Manager
Experiential Learning Corporation(Member)

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